Covid-19 affects on Males | A Discussion

Covid Map India on 9/11/2021

In April 2021, India suffered from the disastrous second wave of Covid-19. I myself was the victim of it along with my family. I lost my father to it. It was very unfortunate. My uncle who has a shop also contracted this disease and lost his life just a week after my father. A couple in my neighborhood has also got this dreaded virus. Both were hospitalized but the seriousness of the situation in the husband's case was quite evident. He was on the ventilator.

There are many cases like these where if the whole family has contracted with the virus, the males of the family have to be put in intensive care. Many women have lost their husbands, sons, brothers, etc. In those two months, every social media was rife with such cases whether it is Facebook, Linked In, or Twitter. They were the saddest days for every Indian. We are still a very traditional country and the sudden demise of the head of the family especially when he is the sole bread earner has hurt families mentally and financially.

I was searching for answers on google if this theory of mine holds some substance. Is this virus affecting males severely?. And sure enough, I found some articles that point out the very fact. How XX and XY chromosomes respond to this virus differently.

Men with COVID-19 are around 20 percent more likely to be hospitalized than women. Once hospitalized, men are more likely to require intensive care, and once there, they’re more likely to die.

Will link the article at the end of this piece. I am not seeing any mainstream media covering the pandemic from this angle. So I thought about writing this short article to make people especially my male brethren, more aware. How important it is for us to get vaccinated as we tend to involve in work that requires going outside. And please put on a mask. Delta variant is no joke. I am still recovering from its after-effects. It has been 4 months.

I just wish I had this knowledge beforehand. Could have guided my father better. For taking more precaution and be more cautious. Through this article, I just want to make people informed and enable them to make better decisions. If the work can be done in the pleasure of your own home just do it from there.

Life is still difficult and we are trying to move on. There were still things that I wanted to do for my father. Simple things. But then fate happened.



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